Designing With Culture (DGD210-3)

In my last two entries I have outlined the concept of cultural appropriation and talked about my decision and process of creating a design project using ideas from another culture. In this entry I will delve more into how we, as designers, can create culturally inspired works that avoid appropriation and instead serve as a… Continue reading Designing With Culture (DGD210-3)


Cultural Appropriation in Design (DGD210-2)

In my previous entry I briefly touched on the idea of cultural appropriation and what you can do to ensure you are not misrepresenting a culture that is not your own. Today I will go more in-depth on the topic, including outlining what cultural appropriation is and why exactly we should be aware of it.… Continue reading Cultural Appropriation in Design (DGD210-2)


Inclusive Design (CIU111-2)

One of the many facets we have to consider as creative practitioners is the diversity in our now heavily-connected, globalised community, and how we can not only appeal to, but also include these audiences in our creations. This diversity comes in many shapes and forms, including race, sexuality and ability, but today I’m going to… Continue reading Inclusive Design (CIU111-2)


Material Design (MDU119-6)

We challenged ourselves to create a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. – Google, 2016. Material design is a visual language developed by Google which sets out to standardise website layouts across platforms and replicate the tactile qualities of… Continue reading Material Design (MDU119-6)